A New World

Of Poisons and Cures

The party receives many odd looks as they stroll down the streets of Idaro with the carcass of a monster strapped to the back of their one remaining horse.  Upon finding the collegium, they unload their decaying cargo and receive a bounty of 50 gold.  With that done, they make their way to the Governor's palace to warn of the strange creatures seen in Palino. 

Upon arriving, they find a blue Dragonborn arguing with the guards at the gate, expressing his need to find, indeed demanding, a ship to return him to Remilon.  It takes some doing, but Gareth convinces the Dragonborn that he can help once their audience with the Governor has ended.  He then suggests that the Dragonborn, Alduin, take Ratar to an inn he knows where they will talk later.  However, the guards at the gate do not let them pass.  It seems the Governor has taken ill and is refusing audience to everyone, including his own kin.  The party tries to negotiate as their number includes a cleric that could cure him of whatever sickness ails him, but they are, regretfully turned away.  It seems several clerics have tried to help and Governor Gregoran's health has only declined.

Deciding to retire to the inn to plan their next move, they arrive to find Alduin terrorizing the inn's serving maids and the innkeeper demanding free rooms, food and drink.  When Gareth realizes what he is doing, they begin shouting at one another.  After being taunted by the Dragonborn, Gareth takes a swing at him.  Their brawl becomes a legitimate fight when Alduin bites Gareth prompting a peal of thunder as Gareth taps into his Tempest abilities in rage.  Some lightning breath, and a few magic missiles later, and Alduin is unconscious on the floor.  The guard are called and Alduin is hauled off to prison after his gold is taken to refund any damages to the inn.

Afterwards, Victor explains that he could set up a distraction so Ratar could sneak Gareth in to see the Governor.  Gareth reluctantly agrees with the caveat that the distraction will not hurt anyone or damage any property.  Victor conceives a plan to ignite fireworks in the courtyard guaranteeing that nobody will be harmed.  The only problem?  Victor has no idea how to make them.  So, after a short time of searching, Victor tracks down an alchemist living on the edge of the city. 


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