A Brief History

300 years ago, the Divine King Bartholomew accepted a mission from the gods to spread their light and influence to new territories.  Before departing, Bartholomew spent forty years acquiring the fealty of seven rulers of the peoples in his lands, each ruler acting as a representative of a different race.  As they began the undertaking, these races became known as the "Chosen Races":  Humans, Wood Elves, High Elves, Hill Dwarves, Mountain Dwarves, Halflings, and Dragon Born.  With armies of each race behind him, Bartholomew sailed to this new world and the War of Divine Conquest began.

After thirty years of battle, the chosen races and their king succeeded in driving out the savage natives.  This new land was theirs, and the savages had been pushed back beyond the Silver Peaks, a large mountain range on the continent's western border.  The king separated the area into eight dominances, one for himself to rule over the rest, and the rest to be ruled by one of the leaders who had sworn fealty to him at the onset of the journey.  The central dominance of Caffrin, Bartholomew chose as his seat of power.  Serralan, a large territory to the north was gifted to the High-Elf Cerelynn. To the west, the Declan woods were given to the Wood-Elf Enna.  To the south, the Half-Elf Varis, received the territory of Remilon.  The Halfling Fen'Ghuo claimed the southernmost peninsula and founded Phyu'Xia.  The western peninsula and some surrounding land was taken up by the Human Derrik and was called Dainland.  To the north of there, the mountainous Pert, was founded by the Dwarf, Rurik.  And lastly, the volcanic island of Sabornna was bequeathed to the Dragonborn, Sora.

For over a century, the dominances of this new land, Kiantan, thrived.  Temples to the victorious gods were erected, new roads were built, forests tamed, and large metropolitan cities were established.  With this golden age came unprecedented advancement in arcane understanding and a group of wizards conceived of a spell that would enable Bartholomew and a number of others to traverse the planes and even meet the gods themselves.  The Divine King Bartholomew eagerly agreed, and on the 150th anniversary celebrating the end of the war, the ritual was performed inside his palace.

It is unknown what went wrong.  Overnight, the entire populace of the capitol city of Caffrin disappeared and countless alien horrors were left in their stead.  The citizens, wizards, and the Divine King himself…vanished.

It has been another eighty years since The Calamity.  While the dominances hold the abominations at bay, Caffrin city has been left in ruins.  Nobody dares enter that forbidden place and overland travel between the dominances has been heavily hampered.  Relationships between the rulers have strained, and while open war has not been declared, several minor disputes over borders and law have occurred.  Day after day, new aberrations appear from within the ruins of Caffrin and make their way into other territories.  Many feel this is their punishment for daring to venture to the home of the gods.  How long before this accursed promised land becomes overrun?

A Brief History

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